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"Hands down the best workshop I've attended in years."


Speaker Bio

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Steven Jensen has quickly risen as a top presenter in dentistry. He brings 10+ years of experience as an educator and has a genuine love and passion for the business of dentistry.

Steven provides an unparalleled level of insight from monitoring the performance of 10,000+ practices nationwide. He is heavily involved in industry partnerships to ensure his content is relevant and timely. With Steven there is no fluff, no messing around, just data-driven methods for improved performance and success. His high energy and content-rich workshops are the perfect addition to any conference, lecture series, or local educational group. 

Course Outlines/Examples

“[Lecturing is the] best way to get information from teacher’s notebook to student’s notebook without touching the student’s mind."

— George Leonard

...not only will we challenge ourselves intellectually... we will get from theory to action before you walk out of the conference hall.

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